Book Review: Winterhunt


As the ancient fae assemble for the third deadly game, the stakes have never been higher.

Cassidy Wright remembers arriving in Silvery Pines, Colorado, to pack up the cabin her birth mother left her, staying on to compete in the Winterfest Games, and, of course, Roman, the gorgeous bartender at the Lodge where the games take place.

The avalanche that killed some of the competitors, fractured her ankle, and gave her an amnesia-inducing head injury? Not so much. Just a nagging sense of foreboding she can’t quite shake.

But when the games resume with a scavenger hunt for ancient relics, Cassidy realizes her unease was justified...and danger lurks in the dark spots in her memory. Serenity, the orchestrator of the lethal games, wants Cassidy dead almost as much as she wants her to unlock the secrets of the hidden relics.

Stuck in a game she can’t win and betrayed by the person she trusted most, death is a certainty unless Cassidy can once again tap into the magic just beyond her reach.

When it comes to an ancient fight for power and revenge, it’s anyone’s game.

Dive deeper into a breathtaking world of ancient magic, betrayal, and romance in Winterhunt, the third exhilarating book in the Midlife Trials series.

My Review

I have become fully invested in this series with each new book that comes out. This also means that I despise Serenity even more. She is so sinister. The games grow even more gruesome. It is getting harder and harder to survive the games. 

Despite the odds stacked against her, Cassidy and her friends, Bobbi and Cleo do grow stronger and stronger. I really like seeing these three women in action. As far as Roman goes, we finally learn which side he has chosen. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series. 


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