Book Review: Eternally Single, Rosa Álvarez


Eternally Single, Rosa Álvarez brings to you all the beloved tropes of the hottest romance novels: The Spanish Love Deception, The Kiss Quotient, It Happened One Summer and more!

Rosa Álvarez leads two lives.

One is deceptively normal. A respectable physiotherapist living in Los Angeles: the city of fish tacos and famous bigwigs. She works hard at her job, loves living the single life, and has a trip home to Mexico at the very top of her priority list.

The other is her mother’s worst nightmare.

For one, the first is a lie. She does love her job, but its uniqueness would put any good chick flick to shame. She hasn’t been on a date in five years, at least, not any good ones. And she will do anything to avoid a trip to her sleepy hometown.

But when a notorious man from her past shows up in LA, Rosa’s secret life starts unravelling. There’s also the matter of the really annoying actor (who just so happens to be annoyingly good-looking) she keeps bumping into whom she cannot seem to shake off.

As her lies pile up, will Rosa be able to keep her two worlds separate? Or will her mother’s flying chancla find her first?

My Review

Eternally Single, Rosa Alvarez is a fun, charming, witty book! To describe Rosa, I would say she is a shot of espresso. She just had so much energy. It was actually quite entertaining to watch Rosa in action from her interactions with her family/friends, coworkers, clients, and Juan. I did find myself laughing a few times and smiling. 

Speaking of coworkers...Eloise is a great "work wife". Rosa is so lucky that she gets along with her coworker. Plus, Eloise is so helpful to Rosa. The chemistry between Rosa and Juan is a sweet one. Juan is a sweet guy. It did not take too long for Rosa and Juan to strike up a romantic relationship. Readers of romcoms will want to pick up a copy of this book. It would make a good summer read. 

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