Book Review: Ablaze


Nine years . . . That’s how long I’ve secretly loved my brother’s best friend. A man who fights fires for a living but sets me ablaze with nothing but a cocky grin.

Dean Meyer has made it clear that we’re just friends–best friends. So when we get stranded in an epic snowstorm, sharing one bed in a roadside motel, what could go wrong?


We may have blurred the lines over the past nine years, but we’d never crossed them. Not the way we did that night.

He promised nothing would change. That he’d forget every kiss and every touch, every whimper and every moan. He promised we’d walk out the door and go back to the way things were.

He promised . . . but he lied.

And now, a year of missed calls and unanswered texts later, we find ourselves forced back together again.

Will the fire still burn between us, or did that one night’s blaze leave us with nothing but ashes?

My Review

I absolutely loved this book so much. Dean and Mala really are endgame. I love how their story was drawn out into three different sections of this book. There was their first meet and greet and how they became friends. Don't worry Dean, we have all accidentally eaten a dog treat in our lives and lived to tell the tale. 

It was charming to see how Dean and Mala's relationship evolved. Dean is lucky that he is easy on the eyes as he was a bit clueless when it came to how Mala felt about him. Even his own grandma knew it way back in their early stage of their friendship. 

The third section of the story is where all of the emotions really grew strong. Ooh, my heart and talk about the sizzling intimate moments shared between Mala and Dean. Looking for your next steamy, must not put down read, then you need to pick up Ablaze by Swati M.H!


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