Book Review: Honeysuckles


I’m a monster DNA experiment and she’s everything my beasts want.

I escape the hell that tortured me for months.
I’m turned into something so dangerous and brutal; I don’t recognize myself.
And when I feel a pull in my chest, I follow it not understanding why.
I see her and possession takes over.
Her beauty is addiction.
And her smell?
God…her scent….mmm…
It drives me insane.
A thing like me doesn’t stand a chance with a woman like her.
I am obsessed. I can’t stay away.
I stalk her.
I kill for her.
I take her.
I mark my territory.
I protect her from everyone and everything.
Except me.
She’s mine.
Whether she likes it or not.

And all my beasts agree.

My Review

I love this series so, so much. I have been waiting for Creed's story. January delivered in a big way. Ooh, Creed, you have my heart. I felt for him so much that my heart did break and was mended back together again. 

Creed may be a monster, but I did not fear him. In fact, I was very intrigued by him. The way that he desired Demi was full of angst. Every moment of them together was hotness! My reading speed of this book was fast but also, I was trying to slow down so that I could savor every moment. I never wanted this book to end. Creed is  the monster romance that will have you calling out his name!


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