Book Review: Slade


Valley Police Department, how can I help you?

I need help with my math homework.


I planned on spending the rest of my life alone, with my son as my sole focus.

One night out changed that–except that’s all it was. One night.

Until I discovered my son had been calling the local police station daily for help with his homework everyday.

The man helping my son just so happens to be the same man I went home with that night.

And now, one night is looking to be a lot longer.


I spend every day protecting this town, serving my badge.

After a nasty breakup with my ex that spread through this small town like wildfire, I was content being alone. A bachelor.

Until one night out brought me a woman I was starting to reconsider my stance on dating for.

Little did I know, the kid I’ve been tutoring with his homework just so happens to be her son.

Her ex hates me, and I don’t care for him too much either. I’ll stop at nothing to keep those two safe.

But one decision has the possibility of taking away everything I’ve started to care for. 

My Review

I loved this book and not just for the romance. but the characters as well. I thought Brooke was a great mom to Cooper. He is such a loveable boy. Instantly, everyone who met him could not help but smile. His interactions with Slade will melt your heart. 

I do want to mention that you need to get yourself a best friend like Heather. I love that she had Brooke's back and would do anything for her. Back to Slade and Brooke. The chemistry that these two were giving off each other was HOT. Once, Brooke gave into Slade, they could not keep their hands off each other. There is that one scene where they get locked in Slade's police cruiser after getting intimate. That was a funny moment. J. Akridge "Slade" me with this steamy, must read!


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