Book Review: Pretty Little Killer


I should’ve been able to leave them in the past, especially once I’d gone home for winter break.

Yet as soon as my plane touches down in St. Augustine, my sweetest nightmares are waiting for me, reminding me of all of the reasons I can’t stop thinking about them.

I tell myself that I need to end this before I’m the one with a knife in my stomach; that Oliver and Rook are the worst kind of people and certainly not capable of love.

Until the unthinkable happens when they aren’t around, leaving me broken, hurting, and confused. Suddenly I can’t tell what’s right or wrong anymore, and their darkness beckons to all of my broken edges, promising me something I can’t find outside of their embrace.

But once I give into the darkness they offer, I’ll never be able to go back to who I was.

And that’s exactly what they want.

Pretty Little Killer is the second book of the Pretty Obsessions series. It includes MMF, MFM, MM, and mature content. To see a full list of possible triggers, use the look inside feature of the book.

My Review

After finishing the first book, I could not wait to read this one. Yet, I still was not prepared for this book. Blair, Oliver, and Rook's relationship leveled up in a big way. Blair gave in and said "yes" to her men. Rook is the dominant one in this dynamic. Talk about "hot for professor". Rook calling all the shots with his cool demeanor is HOT!

Oliver still brings the lighter, comedic side to the relationship. Which, I really enjoyed as I always could count on him to bring a smile to my face. Blair is not the girl that I knew from the first book. She has grown up and is "wonder girl". This book gave off different vibes that stuck at my heart. I love this book so much.


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