Where the Stork Flies


A Pennsylvania librarian, a 19th century Polish peasant and a wisecracking medieval queen join forces on a mission from the Black Madonna of Czestochowa only one of them understands. What could possibly go wrong?

My Review

The opening scene with the mystery surrounding Regina had my attention. I was very intrigued like Kat to learn more about Regina. When I learned her story; I instantly felt a close connection with her. 

As I was reading, I was instantly transported into the story and it was as if I could see everyone and everything. When the ladies traveled to Poland, I travelled with them. Not to leave anyone out as there is also one other person that I want to mention and that is Aniela. She is like the glue to helped to bind Kat and Regina. 

Because I was transported into this story it flew by in a bit of a blur. In a good way. Saying that I read it so fast as I could not stop reading. I would recommend this book to other readers. It has a bit of a time travel element that I enjoyed. 

Author website:  LindaWis.com

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