Book Feature: Sandwiched


Laurie James spent most of her life wondering what it means to belong; loneliness dictated the choices she made. She rarely shared this secret with others, however; it was always hidden behind a carefree and can-do attitude. When she’s in her mid-forties, Laurie’s mother has a heart attack and her husband’s lawyer delivers some shocking news. 

She suddenly finds herself sandwiched between caring for her parents, managing unruly caregivers, raising four teenage daughters, and trying to understand the choices of the husband she thought she knew. Laurie’s story is about one woman’s struggle to “do it all” while facing the reality that the “ideal life” and “perfect family” she believed could save her was slowly crumbling beneath her. Laurie tries everything to keep her family together―seeks therapy, practices yoga, rediscovers nature, develops strong female friends, and begins writing―but as she explores the layers of her life and heals her past, she realizes that she’s the only one who can create the life she wants and deserves. Sandwiched is a memoir about what it means to let go of the life you planned in order to find the life you belong to.

My Review

Laurie gives a real look into her life as she navigates between caregiver and family. Which anyone who finds themselves having to care for a loved one will attest that it is not an easy task. It is a full time job. One that is under appreciated. Yet. an important one. You have to be doctor, nurse, advocate, and daughter or son all at the same time. As Laurie shows that hiring a professional caregiver is not easy. 

I really appreciated that Laurie shared her story and life in her book. It really made me become close to her and invested in her story. Which is exactly what I am looking for when reading memoirs. I want to truly feel like I am getting an honest real look into the person's story that I am reading about. 

In a way after reading this book some of the stress I am currently experiencing in my life, I felt a little lighter as it had gone away. Not really sure why but it did reading this book. 


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