Clawing Free


What if monsters are real?
. . . and they know you by name?

Years after the grisly murder of her older sister, Lissy Oullette—a waitress in a small mountain town—is struggling to move on with her life when something rips it all apart . . . again.

At the lake near her home, Lissy discovers another body. And much like her sister’s, it’s been torn to pieces.

As she searches for answers, Lissy finds herself being lured back to the lake by something so evil, it seems inevitable that hers will be the next body found.

My Review

Talk about starting a story out what a punch. That is exactly what author, Josh Roberts did with this book. After the first scene, I was hooked. From there, the story did stay on pace without dipping. 

I grew instantly connected with Lissy. She was a very relatable character. Beware the things that go bump in the night. They are a killer...literally. While, there is not a lot of gory details on the murders, they are enough to still give you nightmares. 

This book is a trip in a good way. There were several times where I thought I knew where the story was leading only to be thrown a twist. Readers looking for a scary/paranormal with a touch of horror book should give this one a try. I look forward to seeing what author, Josh Roberts comes out with next. 


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