Endless Summer Nights


Los Angeles in the 1980’s was the glamour capitol of the world. Awash with the faces of the rich and famous, it was the perfect place for me to start my modelling career. Then there was the Sunset Strip. Flooded with activity, the Sunset Strip was the decedent party of all things rock and roll, a cesspit of sex, drugs, alcohol and depravity.

For my best friend Beth and I, that warm early August evening started out like any other night on the strip. The men were out in full force, promoting their bands or trolling for a casual hookup. With sex so easy to come by and monogamy a foreign concept, finding love was the last thing on my mind. Until I met him.

Tall, blonde and savagely gorgeous, Johnny Cox caught my eye immediately. I was drawn to him like a moth to flame, craved his touch with a needy and raw clarity. I became addicted to him like he was a drug and I was using like I bled.

Bound by desire, I let myself be consumed by him even though I knew it would weaken me and prayed a blast from the past wouldn’t tear us apart..

My Review

I have to admit that in the beginning, I was not gelling with this book or the characters. In fact, I was not feeling the attraction between Rory and Johnny. It honestly took me about a third of the way into the story to actually find myself enjoying this book. Before than it was a very slow start. 

Once, I got into the story, I did like it. There is a lot of steam and sex between Rory and Johnny. Actually, want to take a moment to talk about the sex. In the beginning, I did find it to be "just sex". Yet, the further I got into the story and got to see Rory and Johnny's relationship blossom, it because more than "just sex". 

I do want to take a moment to mention two other people that were a part of this book and that is Beth and Shane, friends of Rory and Johnny. They were important players as well in the story. Endless Summer Nights is a love story for the heart. 


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