Living Water


As the lackluster youngest daughter of a U.S. Senator, Roxie DePrive spends her life thirsting for one thing: to be loved unconditionally.

So, when her first boyfriend turns into her first marriage, Roxie's life undergoes a drastic change. And when that first marriage doesn't work out, she marries again.

And again. 
Until Roxie marries five times. 
The first marriage is puppy love, then dangerous love, convenient love, wishful love, and one that might possibly be the real deal.
And yet, none of the men she marries can quench the thirst she feels in her heart. It's only when she meets a man who knows her entire life and all her mistakes that Roxie learns the power of something else-the deep and abiding peace of Living Water.
A modern retelling of the Woman at the Well in the New Testament, Living Water shows us that no matter our past, it's God's love that truly quenches the thirst of our souls.

My Review

I finished this book in a day and a half. I would have finished it in one sitting but life got in the way and dinner needed to be made.

There was that one moment that I started crying and it was not a pretty picture. It just shows how invested in the story and the characters I was. This is a recommended read!

Roxie really did not aim to marriage as many times as she did. She just found herself being deceived by some of the men. Yet, when she took her blinders off, she realized the truth. Luckily, Roxie has good friends who had her back. Each time Roxie did come out stronger and wiser. 

Now, some readers may be discouraged to check out this book due to it being a modern retelling of the Woman at the Well a story form the New Testament but they should not be. This book is not preachy. It is a good, solid read. One that all readers new and old to this author will enjoy. 


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