The Sea Beast Takes a Lover

In this collection you can expect amorous sea monsters, ghosts of Catholic saints, and teenagers going about their merry way…without a head. But you can also expect emotional stories that express deep universal understandings and desires—a powerful juxtaposition of the everyday with the unimaginable. In “Bodies in Space” an extramarital affair is rudely interrupted by an alien abduction; in “Blunder-bus” a third grade class takes an ill-advised field-trip to a foundering time travel institute; and in my person favorite, “Our Fathers at Sea” Andreasen plays with the idea of ceremoniously tossing our elderly into the ocean rather than grappling with the reality of old age and death.

My Review

I was excited about the premise of this collection of stories. I was ready for the "weird". Yet, I read about the first three stories including the name sake story for this anthology. None of these stories peaked my interest. It was like I was going through the motions of reading but nothing was soaking in on what I was reading in that moment. You could say that after not being impressed with the first three stories that I didn't really have a desire to continue reading the rest of the stories in this collection. This anthology was not my cup of tea but it might be someone else's.


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