Collision Point

Riordan “Rory” Malone is a force to be reckoned with. A member of the Brute Force Protection Agency and an operative working with the Elite Ops, Rory is the fiercest of warriors and protectors. Honed from the strong Irish stock of their grandfather and sharpened to a razor’s edge, Malone men live for one single purpose: to protect the women who own them, body and soul. From the moment he saw Amara Resnova, he knew she could be that woman.

But Amara, daughter of an alleged notorious crime lord, is a force in her own right. When she betrays her father, she’s finds herself in the arms of a man who is dangerous for her body and soul.

Can Rory keep Amara safe while protecting his own heart? Can Amara trust Rory not to break hers even as the danger mounts, threatening to take them and their passion to a breaking point?

My Review

When you read a Lora Leigh book, you can pretty much guarantee that you are going to get plenty of hot, steamy romance. That is exactly what I got with this book. Riordan and Amara could not keep their hands off each other. They were so drawn to one another. You could really feel the heat radiating off the pages of this book. Which, if this was just a romance book then I would be fine with all of the sex but the book felt like it wanted to be a romantic suspense. In this case, then I wanted to have more to grab onto than just "sex".

The rest of the storyline was weaker. Although, it did try to make up and focus some more on the plot during the latter half of the book. At this point I was kind of over the whole book. If, the balance between the romance and suspense had been better, my thoughts would have gone higher on this book.


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