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They are the perfect family. But perfection is fragile.

Cal Hudson knows the world can be an ugly place. As a reporter for a big Chicago newspaper, Cal has journeyed into society’s darkest corners to expose the vilest crimes. But the world he and his devoted wife, Faith, share with their son is much nicer. They have made sure of it, creating a tranquil haven in suburban River Ridge to protect the person most precious to them.

Until the unthinkable happens, and nine-year-old Gage vanishes.

In a split second at a local carnival, the Hudsons’ storybook world begins unraveling. A frantic search starts to uncover splinters in their carefully crafted facade, revealing buried secrets that cast just as much suspicion on Cal and Faith as any ill-meaning stranger, and proving that the line between love and violence can disappear as suddenly as a child on a chaotic midway.

My Review

Wow, at over 500 + pages this book is more of a tome. Yet, the best part about reading a book or tome from Mr. Mofina is that the time flies when you are reading. Right away the story started out good. There is the intense moment when Faith and Cal's son, Gage goes disappearing through the Chamber of Horror amusement attraction. This is where the story gets its first twist.

All of the characters are engaging as well as hold important parts in this story. The FBI actually acted like FBI. They were smart and did not let the suspect lead them on s wild goose chase. Plus, they picked up on things quickly. Luckily, there wasn't much down time as again this is a big book. The ending was good. Fans of Mr. Mofina will be happy with this latest release. New readers will also become fans.


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