Watch out for the Greek Wars


OUT NOW! The highly anticipated NA release by E.A. Weston if finally here!

Pick a House and Start the War…
Andy Morgan is diving headfirst into a new college and a new life. After all, it's the best way to escape the heartache of her past and move on to new and exciting things. Unfortunately for her War has begun making her choose a side and thrusting her into the spotlight.
51eMmYZxm4LWhen a rival sorority starts poaching another sorority's legacies, it's war a Greek war. And not all is fair in Delta Kappa battle. When the DG’s partner with the DK’s, there's more on the line than bragging rights and new pledges. Nicole, the president of DK, is set on redemption but she’s not only trying to win back her legacies, she wants her Ex, Riley, back.
Except Riley has his sights on someone new and Andy just might be the pawn in a Greek game she wasn't quite prepared to play. Now, it's up to Andy to teach the star quarterback a few tricks of her own--while taking down Greek row – one house at a time.

About the Author

E.A. WESTON was born and raised in Dublin Ireland. She now resides in southern California. She is the best-selling author of New Adult contemporary, paranormal, and Fantasy romance novels. She has written and published fifteen works of fiction including the Blackrock Series, The Avalon Series, and the Lupo Legacy mini series. Earning awards for cover design, and in multiple romance categories for her Blackrock series including best steamy NA romance. / @ek8010 /

Our Cast of Characters

andy1 Andrea ‘Andy’ Morgan transferred schools to become invisible. After a rough two years at her old college all she wanted to do was hide away. Unfortunately for her War has begun making her choose a side and thrusting her into the spotlight.
Riley Walker, School QB and DG Fraternity president, is trying to keep away from his Ex but unlucky for him the War starts and he has to choose. Side with his Ex and her sorority or feel the wrath of her temper once again. riley-1 What will be? What will he choose? Will he forgive her past or move on with someone new?
Party is his middle name and hooking up is his game. Proud to be a card carrying member of the best frat house at the school (DG) but when the war starts can he recruit enough eager students to win or will his house crumble down around his pretty boy party face.ace-1
Brooke, barbie has a twin! trying to be a cheerleader has always been her goal but dreams are dashed when the War starts and she picks a side. brooke-1 Is it the right side? Can she be happy without a pom-pom? Will the boys of DG house ease her pain?
Nick, VP at DG Fraternity right hand man of Riley Walker. Player on and off the field but when the war starts Nick makes his move against his president. Right choice? Wrong choice? It’s a game he may very well lose. nick-1  
Nicole, President of DK Sorority and bringer Of War!! Since this head cheerleader’s fall from grace she has her sights set on redemption by forcing a Greek War to win back two of her Legacies but Nicole isn’t only trying to win back legacies. She want’s her Ex, Riley, back and will try to win his heart by winning the War!nicole-1 Is it enough to convince him? Or has he already moved on?
Chad. Chad. Chad, hottie president of SPD Fraternity, science nerds never looked so hot!! Not interested in chad-1the War has cost him in the past but now he and his fraternity of nerds devise a plan so brilliant that they may just win this war above the top houses. Things get crazy in SPD frat house!! But does crazy win a war?


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