Immoral Certainty

Book Three of the bestselling Butch Karp legal thriller series: when a murder case and a child abuse case begin to merge into one, even Karp is shocked by the evil he uncovers.

Butch Karp's career prosecuting New York's worst criminals takes a chilling turn when a series of ghastly child murders opens a window into the city's hellish underworld. Karp and love-interest Marlene Ciampi pursue a psychopath known to his young victims as the Bogeyman, but what they find is more threatening than a lone predator. To stop the evil they unearth will take more than just courage in the courtroom; the two will need to follow a sinister trail into New York City's darkest corners, where the law is powerless to protect them. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Robert K. Tanenbaum including rare photos from the author's personal collection.

My Review

The Mr. Tanenbaum I have gotten to become familiar with is starting to emerge in this book. Butch and Marlene make both a great working couple as well as a couple. Marlene brings out the best in Butch. She also brings out the frisky side of him as well. Yet, when he is helping to investigate a case or in the courtroom, he is all business. That is what I did miss in this book is the big courtroom drama.

This time though, I got to see more of the human side of Marlene. It was refreshing. Yet, I did find Butch to be more on point this time with the investigation. Speaking of the murders. They were gruesome and there was one scene that was really kind of horrific in nature involving a child. So, if you can't handle gruesome than this book may not be for you. A good read none the less.


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