Close to Home

The best journeys take us home….

When Tessa Alexander came to Sanctuary Island, she left behind a marriage to a man who didn’t love her the way she loved him. When she finally found the strength to set them both free, she discovered friendship and self-acceptance in her adopted hometown. Now she’s settled into a quiet life on her own—never expecting to see her husband again.

Johnny spent almost two years deep undercover, unable to let his wife into his cold, dangerous world. He’s shaken to the core when he comes home to find her gone. It’s painfully clear that Tessa is no longer the timid young woman he married—she’s become a force of nature, a brave and determined beauty. Johnny can’t let her go without a fight so he sets out to seduce his own wife. But will passion alone be enough to convince Tessa that her new life should include a second chance at happiness with a man who must learn to believe in love?

My Review

The town of Sanctuary Island is a place that you would want to visit or make your home. The people are great. I enjoyed reading Tessa and Johnny's story. I am glad that Johnny fought for Tessa. As I got to know them both better and their relationship, I could tell that Tessa was not quite ready to give up on Johnny. Although, I understood why she left as their relationship did start out as Johnny looking at Tessa as more of someone he had to protect versus his wife. By the end of the story however, Johnny did see Tessa in a new light. Yet, as much as I did enjoy reading this book, I did feel like it moved slowly. Not that I needed Tessa and Johnny to jump right into each other's arms as if nothing happened. However, I just felt like I did not experience lots of passion between them.

There was another couple that was featured in this book. They were Marcus and Quinn. They were fun with their witty banter and the connection they shared. In fact, I thought that they took a little away from Tessa and Johnn'y story as I found them more interesting. I can't wait to read more about them in the future.


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