Combatting Fear

Sandy Vaile
Crimson Romance
Pages: 171
Romantic Suspense/Thriller
How far would you go to save a child that wasn’t yours?
Mild-mannered kindergarten teacher, Neve Botticelli, leads a double life. At home with her paranoid father, she is a combat trained survivalist who lives off-the-grid.
When self-made billionaire, Micah Kincaid, storms into town in search of his four-year-old son, Rowan, he’s pushy, entitled, and stands for everything Neve despises.
But something far more sinister than a cheating estranged wife, is lurking in rural Turners Gully, and it has its sights set on little Rowan’s inheritance. It turns out there is one thing Micah and Neve can agree on, and that’s keeping Rowan safe.
As they work together to free Rowan, they glimpse beneath one another’s guises. Falling in love could be even more dangerous than hunting deadly criminals.

My Review

I was drawn to this book by the book cover and the premise of this story. A kindergarten teacher by day and a trained warrior by night. Yes, please. Sign me up. Yet, I never really experienced the trained warrior. I would have been fine if this book had been about two people thrown together trying to help save a boy. However, the premise of this storyline leads the readers to believe that they are going to get a strong, kick-ass heroine. I never truly saw this in Neve. She had two over protective guys watching over her. The scene where Mitch confronts Neve's father and Jack was kind of funny. Everyone was worried about Neve's father even though he is the one that roughed Mitch up.

I do agree with another reader's point that Mitch was very rich, so he could have hired people to find his son and rescue him. Yet, it showed just how much Mitch cared for his son by doing himself. The storyline was alright. There was nothing that made the story stand out. I did kind of lose interest about half way. While, this book may not have been for me, it does not mean that you might not enough the read.


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