Fireworks and Fertility

A thrilling tale of seduction, science, and sabotage

Part romance and part suspense novel, Fireworks and Fertility follows Julia Holland as she struggles to oversee a tumultuous national merger of the nation’s best fertility clinics and resolve a series of strange incidents that lead her to discover her true identity.  Complex and enthralling, author Macye Lavinder Maher vividly captures the high-stakes emotional world of reproductive medicine and the nuances of the heart.

Julia Holland is an extremely competent clinical embryologist and exceptionally compassionate. However, she must deal with troublesome staff, a break-in, and a disastrous mix up that threatens her career. Then, there’s Julia’s handsome and mysterious boyfriend Luke. While Luke travels to dangerous Colombian emerald mines, she finds herself drawn to his stoic security guard, Jason.  As she unravels threads of these events, Julia realizes that instead of a clinical mistake, she has uncovered a dangerous mystery and the relationships she has with her staff and her lover may not be what they seem.

​In her debut novel, Macye Lavinder Maher has created a complex work that brilliantly weaves together intrigue and emotion as it explores questions about family, love, and life. Fireworks and Fertility is a captivating tale with a rich cast of characters that you will not soon forget.

My Review

The whole time I was reading this book, I had mixed thoughts about it. I thought I liked it and at points in the story, I was more engaged than other times. However, after finishing this book, I realized that I really never cared about the people or their stories in this book.

Julia was too much of a wallflower for me. If, she had stood out more this would have helped. Additionally, her relationship with Luke was alright. I didn't feel lots of passion. So when she attempted to start something up with Jason, it was no big deal to me. Although, as much as I may not have been feeling this book, I did read it all and in just a couple of days. I would be willing to try this author again.


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