"It was everything

I could do to breathe when his gaze fell to my lips. Her perilous stare left me without words. It was the very way a lover left you speechless with a passing glance. But Declan didn’t just take a glimpse. He hardly blinked as he stepped closer, like he


All space between us eliminated. Simultaneously, I gravitated towards him and wanted to run away. Everything I thought I knew about love and hate was destroyed in a heartbeat. The two were opposing feelings; they were collegial. And it was all because of


Sometimes the bad boys have the greatest romance stories. In the Once Wicked Series, the infamous villains we love to hate are no different. But in this series, they finally get the chance to tell their stories...

Updated and re-edited. Originally published in the Fairy Tale Confessions anthology.

My Review

If you enjoy reading updated, modern, twists on fairy tales, than you should check out author, Sarah J. Pepper. She has a whole line of books. In this book, the classic tale of Rumplestiltskin is re-imaged with a bit of a dark spin. Declan is Rumplestiltskin. Only, he is not just a trickster but who also happens to be a Incubus. This twist was a good one. Although, I wished that this story was darker. It was like a semi-sweet dark chocolate and I wanted dark, dark chocolate. Just when I thought, it would go there, the story would stop short.

The chemistry between Piper and Declan felt more like a father/daughter or older brother/sister relationship than lovers. Yet, I liked Piper. She had spunk. The way that she was not afraid of Declan and stood her ground around him was nice. For a short story, I did not feel like I missed anything. I am interested in seeing what other villains appear in this series.

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