The Adventures of Fawn

Legendary reindeer, Comet and Vixen, have a daughter named Fawn. Fawn yearns to explore the world outside Santa's Village, but her parents tell her she's much too young to go off by herself.

"I want some fun and excitement! I don't care how dangerous it is!"

When the young reindeer utters these words, and begins sneaking out each day...she has no idea what's in store for her!

Along the way, Fawn does make friends with a snow bunny and a short snowman...Snowboy. But all is not so rosy, as she comes to realize the dangers her parents warned her about, are actually very, very real!

Hungry, wild animals, a deadly North Pole blizzard, and dangerous strangers capturing animals to sell to a New York City zoo are just some of the situations she's going to have to face.

It's going to be an incredible, exciting, and unforgettable week!

My Review

This is such a wonderful read for all (young to the old). I have read many Christmas stories that have featured Santa and Rudolph and maybe some of the other reindeer but I have never imagined Vixen and Comet having a fawn of their own.

Which, I had an enjoyable time getting to know Fawn and her friends Snowboy and Bunny. Who knew that snowmen exercised. These three friends did have quite the journey as they explored. They even met other intriguing characters along the way. The big man himself even appears in this book. There were illustrations featured at the end of each chapter. This was nice but I actually did not even need them. The author was able to tell the story so well with his writing that I was able to picture everything in my head. Young readers like my nephews will enjoy this book as well. A fun time for the whole family.


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