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Book Description:Seventeen-year-old Crystal White is the new girl on Starfish Island. Dragged to the remote community by her environmental activist father, she is eager to find fun that doesn’t involve touching fish guts or listening to local folklore.

During a midnight swim with some new friends, Crystal is pulled out to sea by the waves. Convinced she’s going to drown; Crystal is rescued by Llyr, a handsome stranger. As she searches for him in the following weeks, she finds there may be more truth to the Starfish legends than she thought.

Over a sizzling rollercoaster summer, Llyr introduces Crystal to magic she’d only ever dreamed of. But as Crystal comes to love Starfish Island, it begins to drive her family apart. A nearby power plant is devastating local marine life, and her parents are stuck in the middle. As the magic and mundane parts of Crystal’s life converge, she finds herself risking everything to save Llyr, her family and herself.

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My Review

This book was a nice concept. I mean who does not enjoy mermaids and mermen. I actually had no issues with this book in the beginning. Llyr was cool. The way that he and Crystal met for the first time, of course, is a girl's dream come true. To be rescued by a handsome, mystery man. Who could blame Crystal as it was the perfect setting, the moonlight, and some magic in the air. The flirty times between Crystal and Llyr was cute. Not so romantic but "cute".

Although, as the story moved along it felt like the way that Crystal acted; she was more like a 12 year old girl than seventeen. This grew weary. I agree with another reader that the way the author would state the obvious was another thing that was annoying. As if the readers could not figure it out for themselves. An example was when Crystal and Llyr went boating and swimming. Crystal stated that she was wearing a bikini because she knew that Llyr would want to go swimming. Well when I go swimming I usually wear a bikini. For the older teenage audience that this book is targeted too it does not work so well but it might for the younger readers.

Meet the Author:Josie Demuth is an author based in London. First published on Wattpad, her Salt Kisses series has garnered nearly four million reads and are now serialised on Radish Fiction. The second of this series, A Thousand Salt Kisses Later is her fourth novel.

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Your book is set in the Westcountry, UK.  Have you ever been there?

Yes, I go there nearly every summer. It is a mystical, magical place and many a mermaid is said to have been spotted from its cliffs!

Describe your series in one sentence. Is it going to continue?

The Salt Kisses books are a fast-paced, epic ‘mermance’ about a sweet sensitive young girl and a hot mysterious man – who just so happens to spend an awful lot of time in the sea! Yes, seven books – one for each sea! I’m writing the draft for Book 5 on now and book Three ‘A Thousand Salt Kisses Forever’ will be out in the summer. ‘A Thousand More Salt Kisses’ to follow.

Do you snack while writing? Favourite snack?

Yes, I am extremely in love with sushi and I think this is reflected in the Thousand Salt Kisses books. The mers in the books prepare and eat fish in a way which Crystal - the main human character - says is just like sashimi.

Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it?
No, thankfully I’ve never had this. But I do suffer from the opposite which is having so much to write and not enough time!

What is your next project?

I’m going to start the editing process for the third Thousand Salt Kisses book, ‘A Thousand Salt Kisses Forever’, which is out next summer, and a new adult book called Shallot, about a rock n roll couple and a pre-Raphaelite ghost. It’s inspired by the Tennyson poem and I’m working on this now.

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

I always love this question! So many places, but if I had to pick somewhere I’d go back to the Robin Hood days. When I was little I used to try to build a time machine with my Meccano, so I could go back in time and meet Maid Marion and Robin Hood.


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