Tarnished - Hearts Ablaze

Willa George Williams
Western Historical Romance
EVERYONE IN THIS NOVEL IS TARNISHED, BUT THEIR HEARTS ARE ABLAZE WITH PASSION, HURT AND LOVE. Wagon Master Edwards has a problem. It’s the year 1857 on the Oregon Trail. He’s guiding forty wagons westward, fifteen of them filled with dreamers following a preacher who doesn’t know spit about survival on the trail. The wagon master assigns his chief scout Nate Curry, age twenty-six, to watch over Reverend Abraham Woodrow and his lovely young wife Lorena. The young wife sympathizes with Nate’s goal to redeem the camp whore Josie from her life as a soiled dove and claim her as his own. The preacher’s wife turns to these two with a peculiar problem – Reverend Abe has never fulfilled the role of husband in their marital bed during the two months they’ve been married. As much as Lorena loves her husband, she plans to ditch him at the end of the trail if Abe can’t be a real husband to her in every way. Who better to turn to for advice than Nate and Josie with their history of wild living? With all these complications, will this wagon train of misfits make it to the Oregon country with their hearts in one piece?
Four travelers who are tarnished in spirit search for love that will fulfill each couple and allow them to face the future with their dreams intact. In this spicy historical romp, share in the fun of wagon train living as it’s never quite shown on retro TV westerns!

My Review

Don't let the cover of this book deceive you or the title as well. While, they both may seem like this book is going to be a very spicy read, this book is more than that. It is filled with rich characters and a very good storyline. The author makes me the reader engaged in what is happened with both couples relationships.

I enjoyed that Nate and Josie were so different from Lorena and Abe. However, at the same time when you looked at the overall picture, they really were not that different after all. They both just were looking for and wanting love. The sex scene did not appear until towards the end of the story. It was filled with tenderness and human connections. I am happy for both couples. I will check out more books from this author.


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