The Legends of Teddy Bear Island

Teddy Bear Island has as many grizzly tales as it does flesh-eating plushies, and it’s bursting at the seams. From the elven vagabond lurking the jungle to the hired mercenaries looting the temple, every corner of the island has its own history, and its own secrets. Tear into this collection of curious, creepy, and downright crazy adventures based on Teddy Bear Island RPG, where escape is never easy, and nothing is quite as innocent as it appears. Around every corner waits something eager for the ripping. Grab your toughest dwarves, your surliest orcs, and your most loyal kobolds, and get ready to spill some stuffing.

What story will you tell?

My Review

The story goes that Jessie the Flufamancer was what you could call a mad scientist. He brought to life teddy bears. Yet, these bears are not the cute and cuddly kind. Nope, these ones are the killing type. Jessie and his bears escaped to Teddy Bear Island, where it is told that Jessie lived there with his bears until his death. Now, the bears roam freely on the island.

A group of adventurers go exploring the island. What they encounter are Zombears, Brute Bunnies, and a large three-headed bear sea creature to name a few. There is lots of killing, stuffing flying,...oh and heads will roll. I thought this was a good book. Although, I must admit that even with all of the killing that the bears were not that scary. Yet, I would not want to meet them in person. The different authors did a nice job of telling the different stories to make this one whole book. If you do have a couple hours to spare then you may want to check out this book.


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