Charlotte and the Mysterious Vanishing Place

About the Book:
One day, nine-year-old Charlotte has two surprises—she notices a patch of the forest slowly vanishing and discovers a lost puppy caught in a bramble bush.  She rescues it and takes it home. Returning to the woods, she notes the sinking area getting wider and deeper. Her parents and the authorities caution her to stay away, but Charlotte worries the sinking will allow other puppies to escape the kennel and get lost, too. When another puppy escapes and becomes trapped in the now enormous sinkhole,  Charlotte can find no one else to help it. As a fierce rainstorm arises, and the fallen tree the pups cling to begins to disappear through the opening at the center of the sinkhole, she realizes it is up to her to save the pups. Can she rescue the pups and get out herself before the giant sinkhole swallows everything?
My Review
This is the second book in this series, Kare Kids Adventures series. There are three books: The Secret of Bald Rock Island, Charlotte and the Mysterious Vanishing Place, and How Three Brothers Saved the Navy. The whole concept of this series is to empower young children ages 8-12 and parents the importance of independent-thinking. In this day and age, this is a very important skill to have. It can help children as they are growing up to be free thinkers and not just go with the tide. For example...the election this year. The more you know and can think for yourself the better you will be educated on choosing the right candidate in the election this year.
Thus the reason I have been enjoying reading these books. They do teach great lessons to the young readers but with a fun story and relatable characters. My nephews also have enjoyed these books as I have shared them with them. Another thing that I notice about these books is that there are not a lot of big words, so my nephews can read these books on their own without much intervention from me or another adult. I can't wait to read book three in this series.


Charles said…
Thanks for posting this great review on your blog! I appreciate it!

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