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Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday: A NovelBy Elizabeth Crook
Published by Sarah Crichton Books
Hardcover: 352 pages
April 29, 2014; $26.00 US/$30.00 CAN; 9781621451457
In this gripping, emotionally charged novel, a tragedy in Texas changes the course of three lives
On an oppressively hot Monday in August of 1966, a student and former marine named Charles Whitman hauled a footlocker of guns to the top of the University of Texas tower and began firing on pedestrians below. Before it was over, sixteen people had been killed and thirty-two wounded. It was the first mass shooting of civilians on a campus in American history.
Monday, Monday follows three students caught up in the massacre: Shelly, who leaves her math class and walks directly into the path of the bullets, and two cousins, Wyatt and Jack, who heroically rush from their classrooms to help the victims. On this searing day, a relationship begins that will eventually entangle these three young people in a forbidden love affair, an illicit pregnancy, and a vow of secrecy that will span forty years. Reunited decades after the tragedy, they will be forced to confront the event that changed their lives and that has silently and persistently ruled the lives of their children.
With electrifying storytelling and the powerful sense of destiny found in Ann Patchett's Bel Canto, and with the epic sweep of Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins, Elizabeth Crook's Monday, Monday explores the ways in which we sustain ourselves and one another when the unthinkable happens. At its core, it is the story of a woman determined to make peace with herself, with the people she loves, and with a history that will not let her go. A humane treatment of a national tragedy, it marks a generous and thrilling new direction for a gifted American writer.

My Review

This book starts out very powerful. It actually was almost hard to read the shooting scene with all that is happening currently in the world. Although, this scene and the first part of the story is the most important. This is where I as the reader really connects with Shelly, Wyatt, and Jack. Their lives are changed forever and they share a bond for life. W

While the beginning was filled with a lot of fast moving action, I still only read about a few chapters at a time. However I still plugged along reading. Once I got about a third of the way into the book did I than just really spend some time reading this book and I flew through it than. I could not read it fast enough. The way that Shelly, Wyatt, and Jack grew up and connected with each other on many different levels was an emotional roller coaster. I thought the ending was a good one. I almost did not want this book to end. A must read.

Read an excerpt here
Author Bio
Elizabeth Crook, 
author of Monday, Monday: A Novel, is the author of three novels, The Raven's Bride, Promised Lands, and The Night Journal. She has written for anthologies and periodicals, including Texas Monthly and the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, and has served on the council of the Texas Institute of Letters. Currently she is a member of the board of directors of the Texas Book Festival. She lives in Austin with her husband and two children.
For more information please visit http://elizabethcrookbooks.com/ and follow the author on Facebook
"This rapturous novel starts with one of the most heinous shootings in history, yet every page shines with life. Crook follows three students who endured the tragedy as they grapple with the past, struggle to navigate their futures, and discover that who and what saves us is nothing like what you imagine. Brilliantly realized and so vivid the novel seems to virtually breathe, Monday, Monday is a stunning achievement."
-- Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Is This Tomorrow and Pictures of You
"Elizabeth Crook has written an extraordinary novel -- an eloquent love story born from an act of random violence, a tale of destruction and redemption. It's about making a whole life out of a damaged one, and about holding on and letting go. The characters are as real as people you know; their story is subtle, startling, and wise."
-- Sarah Bird, author of The Yokota Officers Club and Above the East China Sea
"Monday, Monday begins by throwing us into the midst of one of the worst mass murders in American history, a scene painted with such harrowing exactitude that it leaves you wondering how the characters can possibly survive and how the author can possibly sustain such a high level of narrative momentum and emotional insight. And yet Elizabeth Crook pulls it off. This is a brilliant and beautiful book."
-- Stephen Harrigan, author of The Gates of the Alamo and Remember Ben Clayton

Syndrome E + Giveaway

My Review

Wow. Double Wow! This is how I would best describe this book. It definitely kept my attention. I could not stop reading this book. Some books are drugs as they are that addictive. I would have to say that Syndrome E is one of those books. It had the right about of creep, gore, and a well thought out and written mystery. I never could figure out the rhyme or reason behind it all until the reveal at the end.

At first I was not sure if I was going to like Sharko dispite his cool name. However he proved himself to me as a intelligent person with strength and personality. I may not have had this problem if I had read the first two books. Just saying as I would have gotten to know Sharko better. Lucie on the other hand I liked right away. I cared for her first as a mother and than second a detective. I could not help but instantly reference to the movie, The Ring with the creepy video tape that people watched of the girl crawling out of the well. This video had the same type of concept with the visural images. I would not want either fact to happen to me...death or blindness are not good choices in my book. I can not wait to read the next book in this series, Bred to Kill. I hope that it makes it debut in the US as well.

An Excerpt From Syndrome E
“Careful on that. That’s where my father fell and fractured his skull. I mean, really, climbing up there at eighty-two . . .”
Ludovic paused an instant, then rushed forward. He thought of the old man, so passionate about his films that he’d died for them. He climbed as high as he could and continued shopping. Behind The Kremlin Letter, on a hidden shelf, he discovered a black canister with no label. Balancing on the ladder, Ludovic picked it up. Inside was what looked like a short, since the film took up only part of the reel. Ten or twenty minutes’ projection time, tops. Probably a lost film, a unique specimen that the owner had never managed to identify. Ludovic grabbed it up, climbed down, and added it to the stack of nine cult films he’d already chosen. Anonymous reels like this always added spice to the screenings.
He turned around, playing it cool, but his pulse was pounding.
“I’m afraid most of your movies aren’t worth a whole lot. Pretty standard stuff. And besides, can you smell that odor?”
“What odor?”
“Vinegar. The films have been affected by vinegar syndrome. They’ll be worthless before long.”
The young man leaned forward and sniffed.
“You sure about that?”
“Absolutely. I’m willing to take these ten off your hands. Shall we say thirty-five euros apiece?”
“All right . . .”
Ludovic wrote out a check for four hundred euros. As he was pulling away from the curb, he noticed a car with French plates looking for a parking spot.
No doubt another collector—already.
Ludovic emerged from his home projection booth and sat down, alone with a can of beer, in one of the twelve fifties-style leatherette seats that he’d scavenged when they closed the Rex: his own private movie theater. He’d created an authentic auditorium for himself in the basement of his house, which he called his “mini-cinema.” Fold-up seats, stage, pearlescent screen, Heurtier Tri-Film projector: he had it all. At the age of forty-two, the only thing he was missing was a partner, someone to squeeze close while watching Gone with the Wind in the original English. But for the moment, those lousy dating sites had yielded only one-night stands or washouts.
It was nearly three in the morning. Saturated with images of war and espionage, he decided to round out his marathon screening with the unidentified, and incredibly well-preserved, short feature. It must have been a copy. These unlabeled films sometimes turned out to be veritable treasures or, if the gods were really smiling, lost works by famous filmmakers like Méliès, Welles, or Chaplin. The collector in him loved to fantasize about such things. When Ludovic unspooled the leader to wind the film into the projector, he saw that the strip was marked 50 frames per second. That was unusual: normally it was twenty-four per second, more than sufficient to give the illusion of movement. Still, he adjusted the shutter speed to the recommended setting. No point watching it in slow motion.
Within seconds, the whiteness of the screen yielded to a dark, clouded image, with no title or credits. A white circle appeared in the upper right corner. Ludovic wondered at first if it was a flaw in the print, as oft en happened with those old reels. Thee film began.
Ludovic fell heavily as he ran upstairs.
He couldn’t see a thing, not even with the lights on.
He was completely blind.

I have 1 copy to a lucky read of this book. NO PO Boxes and US only.
Leave me a comment on this post with your email. Contest ends May 9th.

The Last Girl

Philip Kennford is an attorney so you can imagine that he has made some enemies over the years. Nonetheless when his wife and one daughter is found murdered in the home is it one of Philip’s enemies or does he have a motive for getting his wife out of the way. Or is his other daughter have a jealous streak? All the clues point to an inside job…no forced entry and both Philip and his other daughter home but no one hears anything.

The Last Girl is my first time reading what author, Jane Casey has to offer. I have to say that she does offer some good things. While I was not over the moon with this book, I still found it an enjoyable read.

It is because I was not that excited about the characters. So I did not really care who the murder was and what their motive was for committing the crimes. Also, the pace of the story was steady which did translate to a little slow at times. I like Maeve. She can hold her own with the guys and she is smart. The way she investigates a case is good. I feel that she can get the job done and do a good through job of solving it. I will go back and check out this author’s other prior novels.

Purchase a copy here

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Life with a Superhero

I am so glad that Kathryn opened her doors and shared her family with readers. I enjoyed getting to know the Huling family, not just Michael. Everyone of them was special in their own way. They let Michael into their home and hearts. I know Michael got a place in my heart as well. The Huling family and Michael show that people with Down Syndrome have feelings too. They just want to be normal like everyone else. I could understand Michael not liking people staring at him. I know I don't like it either. So I can not imagine what people like Michael go through. I retract my comment, I do now have a good idea of what Michael goes through after reading this book.

The family photos were fun. I noticed that Michael had a great smile in the pictures. The rest of the family looked happy as well. I have to say that this is the type of book I want to read when I think of memoirs/nonfiction stories about real people. Because I felt like the book was not over edited, I really got to know everyone and this helped me to really enjoy this book. Also, I have to agree with another reader's comment that this book gives a good insight into someone living with this condition from birth to adulthood. Life with a Superhero is a super, good read.

Purchase a copy here

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The Pelican Bride

Book Summary

It is 1704 when Genevieve Gaillain and her sister board a French ship headed for the Louisiana colony as mail-order brides. Both have promised to marry one of the rough-and-tumble Canadian men in this New World in order to escape religious persecution in the Old World. Genevieve knows life won’t be easy, but at least here she can establish a home and family without fear of beheading. But when she falls in love with Tristan Lanier, an expatriate cartographer whose courageous stand for fair treatment of native peoples has made him decidedly unpopular in the young colony, Genevieve realizes that even in this land of liberty one is not guaranteed peace. And a secret she harbors could mean the undoing of the colony itself.

Review by Blanche Mancuso

A memorizing story The Pelican Bride penned by Beth White. This story takes place in the early 1800's in the French colony of Mobile, Alabama, where the colony is dominated by the English. The English are still fighting with the French to keep domination.

The Pelican Bride is book one in the Gulf Coast Chronicles series. So now is the time to check this series out. I loved this story by Mrs. White, The Pelican Bride is a story of romance, intrigue, and treachery. All the time building a legacy for the great romance between Tristan and Genevieve. Together these two make the perfect hero and heroine. They bring together factions of aristocracy and peace for the tribes and nations.

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8 Weeks to SEALFit

What is SEALFIT?
SEALFIT was developed by former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine for the unique and specialized needs of SEAL trainees to develop mental toughness – but is effective for any professional serious about their fitness and performance, as well as all “industrial athletes” who must rely on their bodies and minds to be at their peak for their daily jobs.

Whether your personal battles incorporate the predominantly physical domains of military operators, first responders or endurance athletes, or the less physically intense yet equally challenging environments of the private sector — SEALFIT is structured to develop a warrior mind and body that incorporates the whole person. SEALFIT trains the body, mind and spirit to operate at an elite level alone and with a Team.

My Review

I have been working out for about 3 years in a row. This is the longest time that I have gone in one period. I would not say that I am a fitness nut but I do and have seen the benefits of my workouts. I work out hard 5 days a week. I do a mixture of weights and cardio. Recently, I have been checking out the web and books for new ideas to spice up my workouts. No so much of a machine and run on the treadmill type of gal. Not to say that there is anything wrong with running on the treadmill as I have done it many times when I was working out on my own. However it gets real old quick. Plus I find that if I am in a class that I push myself harder and I am competitive. So this factor motivates me a lot.

So back to the book. I was curious to see what type of workout the SEALs do to keep in shape. I know they were really hard both physically and mentally. I was actually surprised to see how many of the featured exercises in ths book, I was familiar with and am currently already performing in my workout classes. I agree with everything that Mr. Divine said about the mental aspect. It is not just purely about the physical but mental as well. I know there are times when I want to just give up but then the teacher is asking if I got a little more and knowing I am almost to the end gives me that little extra strength to continue and show myself that I could do it. Mr. Divine writes this book in a very easy and understandable way. The way that the 8 weeks are broken out by daily quads or WOD (Workout of the Day) is excellent. I do this when I take my Crossfit class. Plus, it is easy to follow if you are on your own. This is a good book to give a fitness person that wants a challenge.

A good exercise. Good for the legs and core.

If just starting and you have not done this one before, I would start on your knees. It is important to keep your hips aligned and not to let them tilt back and forth when you are in the push up position.

A hard movement to do. I am still mastering and can only do a few at a time. Of course I don't use a sand bag but do use a hand weight of about 10 to 12 pounds,

I can rightfully say that while I will never love burpees I don't mind don't them. Anyone who has done burpees will agree. The only version of this exercise I was not familiar with is the burpee with the wide jump. The burpee itself is a hard movement but the burpee with the pull up is a really hard one. Still trying to master this one. A excellent exercise for the whole body.

Resisting the Rancher Blog Spotlight

Title: Resisting the Rancher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Roxanne Snopek
Publisher: Entangled Bliss
Format: Ebook


Country veterinarian Celia Gamble is in trouble. A misunderstanding from her past is rearing its ugly head and the only person she can turn to is Jonah Clarke—her family’s lawyer and, as it turns out, her brother Zach’s best friend and her childhood crush. She always wanted Jonah to see her as a bona fide woman, but as a woman who’s being wrongfully blackmailed for seducing a married man? Not on her life.

Jonah is happy to help little CeeCee Gamble, if only she’d come clean about why she’s being blackmailed. But with Zach’s wedding on the horizon and Zach’s fashionista fiancée Desiree giving CeeCee a makeover, the little duckling Jonah remembers is turning into a definite swan. And the unwritten law on sisters is clear—hands off. Jonah must resist Celia or lose the only true family he’s ever known.

Book Title: Resisting the Rancher

Series: Three River Ranch #4

Author: Roxanne Snopek

Release Date: 4/14/14

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author Email: rsnopek@shaw.ca

Author Bio:

Roxanne Snopek has been writing professionally for more than two decades and her work has appeared in publications varying from The Vancouver Sun and Reader’s Digest to newsletters for Duke, Cornell and Tufts Universities. She’s done corporate copywriting on topics ranging from pet food for Iams/Eukanuba, to employee profiles for VersaCold to air-conditioner maintenance for Home Depot. (That’s right. Air conditioner maintenance.)

But she’s also had a HYPERLINK "http://www.roxannesnopek.ca/bookshelf/"bunch of other stuff published, including one mystery novel, a couple of literary short stories and a non-fiction series. One summer, she wrote video game dialogue and narrative for HYPERLINK "http://siliconsisters.ca/"Silicon Sisters Interactive, a project that combined her two favourite genres – mystery and romance – with the world of casual gaming.

In 2012 she sold her first romance novel to Entangled Publishing. THREE RIVER RANCH made the Barnes & Noble Top Ten list, The Amazon Top 100 list and is now the foundation of a multi-book series. Recently, the first three books sold to France.


Dressed to Chill
"The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this." –Mark Twain

You know those dreams where you’re walking down the crowded hallway of your old high-school, stark naked? The classical interpretation is that it represents a fear of vulnerability, of being literally "naked" and targeted for judgment.

However, some say our choice of clothing is revealing too.

The CLASSIC personality is sophisticated, organized and well-groomed, with tailored outfits and simple jewelry, like pearls or simple chains.

If you favor jeggings, a trendy tunic and gladiator heels (what are these, I ask?) you’re probably a CONTEMPORARY, confident, direct and independent.

Maybe you’re more of a spontaneous, trend-setting CREATIVE, preferring unique, one-of-a-kind items, paired with multi-colored jewelry and sequined jackets.

Or you’re an adventurous, open-minded DRAMATIC, in black skinny jeans, a black bra under a sheer scarlet blouse, a cropped leather jacket and stacked-heel boots.

The friendly, casual NATURAL wears jeans and T-shirts, canvas running shoes and simple stud earrings.

And of course, there’s the empathetic, sensitive ROMANTIC, decked out in a flowy, ruffled dress, charm bracelet and espadrilles.

In my latest release, RESISTING THE RANCHER, my heroine Celia, hides behind baggy T-shirts and old jeans. She’s afraid of her femininity, unsure of her sex appeal and terrified of looking, as she puts it, "like a pig in drag."

But in preparation for her brother’s wedding, she’s forced into a makeover, from underwear to mascara. In the process, she discovers aspects of herself she never dreamed existed. Jonah, my hero, is of course delighted to see Celia embrace the beauty that he’s always been able to see.

For myself, I like to be comfortable, to feel relaxed and good about myself in my clothes. But, every now and again, I love to get my sexy on, too.

What about you? What kind of clothing do you feel best in? Do you think your clothing matches your personality?

Birth Order and Personality
I’m a first-born. According to birth order studies, I should be:
Reliable and conscientious

This amuses me because unless there’s a definition for reliable and conscientious that includes usually late, this is not me. However, if cautious also means paralyzed by anxiety and achievement-oriented stretches to a border-collie-like tendency to keep going when it might be smarter to spend a weekend watching Friends reruns, then I’m in.

Middle children, they say, tend to be:
Somewhat rebellious
Socially gregarious

In my latest release, RESISTING THE RANCHER we get to know the Gamble family of Lutherton, Montana, who are adjusting to the tragic loss of their middle son. Without Cale’s peacemaking presence, oldest son Zach and youngest daughter Celia have to create a new family dynamic before they can move forward with their lives.

Youngest kids, like Celia Gamble, are usually:

In HIS RELUCTANT RANCHER, we get a glimpse of Celia’s self-centeredness. But in RESISTING THE RANCHER, we finally see her fun-loving and outgoing side. She’s also a tomboy who can handle 1000-lb steers without batting an eye and who will rescue every stray dog and cat that comes her way, but is terrified of her feelings for her big brother’s best friend.

Of course, I didn’t create Celia Gamble with birth order traits in mind; she’s certainly not uncomplicated, for instance. But then, I think we’re all complicated. That’s what makes people so interesting!

What aspects of your personality align with your birth order? What about your siblings?

Wedding Bliss!
This summer, our oldest daughter is getting married, right in our own backyard! I’m so excited to be a mother-of-the-bride. Thankfully, Bridezilla is nowhere to be found!

My own wedding, many years ago, was a small affair in a beautiful old stone chapel near where my husband and I met. As we lived in Ontario and the wedding was in Saskatchewan, this meant planning-by-distance. I do not recommend this.

We flew in a week before the whirlwind event, and flew out the morning after. Thanks to my family, it was a lovely ceremony. My sister - and only bridesmaid – made it even more special by singing for us, a beautiful song that had everyone in tears.

My daughter is also planning her wedding from a distance. Fortunately, she’s super-organized, a good thing, since she has seven – that’s right, seven – bridesmaids! But if I know my girl, it will still feel intimate, focused on friends, family and fun. And of course, the celebration of love.

In my latest release, RESISTING THE RANCHER, the story unfolds in the weeks leading up to a garden wedding at which my hero Jonah and heroine Celia are best man and maid-of-honor. I confess that as I wrote the wedding scene, I was imagining the flowers and decorations that will adorn our own yard this summer.

Lao Tzu said, "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." Celia’s love for Jonah gave her the courage to stand up at her brother’s wedding and pay tribute to the happy couple, a memory they will always cherish.

There’s something special about every celebration of love. Whether you were there as the bride, bridesmaid or guest, is there a special wedding memory you’d like to share with us?

Best Kisses
Today I’m talking about kisses, specifically movie scenes. There are so many great love stories on the silver screen; here are a few of my favorites. If you’re like me, they turn you to mush, every time!

Titanic (of course!)


From the current blockbuster, Divergent:


Twenty-Seven Dresses


Sleepless in Seattle


The Notebook


I could go on and on.

In my current release, RESISTING THE RANCHER, my hero Jonah gives Celia a first-kiss that shocks her them both completely. It’s sweet and tender and spontaneous and confusing.

But later on, they kiss again and this time, there’s no confusion whatsoever. I absolutely loved writing this scene. And this is the incredibly romantic song that inspired it:


What do you think? Is that a great kiss, or what?

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3RR print copies set.JPG
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Killing Secrets Blog Tour + Giveaway

...Some secrets are better left dead...

Quick Facts                                        

Release Date: April 17, 2014                 

Genre: Romantic Suspense                                              

Formats to buy: Kindle, Nook, PDF, Kobo, mobi, epub, pdf, paperback.

Book Synopsis

Some secrets are better left dead.

Rachel James’ ex-husband is released from prison determined to reclaim her and her little girl — the child is his key to controlling the James fortune. Frightened, Rachel flees to Denver with the child who hasn’t uttered a word since her daddy went to prison.

Contractor Patrick Thorne wants nothing to do with another of his parents’ charity cases. He failed his own wife so abysmally she took her own life as well as his unborn son’s. After two years, it’s time to concentrate on the bid he’s won and the saboteur trying to destroy his construction firm.

There is no room for trust in either of their hearts. But trust is all that will untangle the secrets that dominate their lives, free a little girl of her silent prison, and save them all from a serial killer who stands too close.



"I’ve only filed three police reports, but I’m sure I can lay half a dozen more attacks at this bugger’s door." He ran his hand through his hair to corral his frustration. "What about fingerprints on the hammer? Have you identified anything in the clothes left behind?" Somehow, the single untouched wall with women’s clothing stapled all over it like some kind of macabre trophy wall was more disturbing than the vicious holes his saboteur left everywhere else.

"It’s one of your own hammers kept in a tool box with a broken lock. Anybody could have handled it. I’ll be surprised if they find a viable print, although the clothes might reveal something." Jack heaved a long suffering sigh. "We’ve barely had time to catalogue the evidence since you called us this morning. We’re not exactly sitting on our thumbs, no matter what you think.""What I think is it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep my problems under wraps."

"Well, you wouldn’t know it after reading that sweet, full-page feature the Denver Post ran on you yesterday." Jack picked up the newspaper section sitting on the corner of Patrick’s desk and read the headline aloud, "‘No Thorns in Thorne Enterprise’s Rosy Future’. According to this you’re ‘a new contractor barely in his thirties with a Midas touch who’s made it to the major leagues with the multi-million dollar, upscale Villas at Three Oaks Ranch’. You must have really schmoozed that reporter, bro."

"The headline would have read something radically different," Patrick replied sourly, "if she’d dug a little deeper and uncovered the truth."

Angry again at the thought of what he stood to lose, he reached across the desk, snatched the newspaper out of Jack’s hand, and threw it into a wire basket for his office manager, Jane Brown, to file. "You know what I’ve been dealing with these last few months," he said. "Vandals tag building sites. Supplies go missing. Equipment breaks down.

"But this is different, Jack. You saw those walls at Southgate. This isn’t kids on a lark, pissing out territorial boundaries."

"I agree. But as my captain pointed out, I’m a little close to the situation and I’m not on the case."

Patrick barked a harsh laugh. "What does this guy have to do before the department takes this seriously? Leave a dead body?"

"It might take just that," Jack retorted. "Right now we’re up to our armpits in what’s rolled downhill from the mayor’s office after the kidnapping of that councilman’s daughter last week."

If it weren’t for the radios blasting all day on his sites Patrick wouldn’t keep up with local events but even he’d heard about the coed who’d disappeared while he was in Cheyenne. "She’s been gone, what, four days? Do you have any leads?"

"We don’t even have a ransom note. After a co-worker dropped her off at her apartment complex, it’s like the girl disappeared into thin air."

Patrick saw Jack’s jaw tighten, a sign of the increasing stress he’d been under in recent months. "You think she’s a victim of the Angel Killer, don’t you?"

The local news media had dubbed the serial killer with the name because of the angel tattoo he’d burned into each of the girls he brutally killed. He remembered Jack’s fury, as one of the detectives on the task force, over the leak of that critical piece of information.

The Author

Karen Docter writes two different kinds of romance novels....Contemporary Romantic Comedy w/a Karen Docter: Romance...With a Kick of Humor!

Romantic Suspense w/a K.L. Docter: Women hunted by killers...men who'd die to protect them.

Karen's contemporaries are cute romantic comedies. She loves writing about real men and women with dreams and goals that don't allow for a relationship just so she can throw them in each other's path...with a tickle and a smile. Her romantic suspense novels (as K.L. Docter) are also filled with romance, although the dangers the hero and heroine face are intense, usually because a serial killer is bent on ending one or both of their lives before they can fall in love. These are psychological, woman-in-jeopardy stories.

Karen's an award winning author, a four-time Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® finalist, and won the coveted Kiss of Death Romance Writers Daphne du Maurier Award Category (Series) Romantic Mystery Unpublished division. When she's not saving her characters from death and destruction or helping them fall in love, she loves camping and fishing with her family, reading, gardening & cooking.

If she can do most of those things over a campfire, all the better!

Find more about her at:





Other books by Karen Docter:

(press on the cover to go to goodreads)



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- 1 $50 Amazon GC

- 5 e- copies of KILLING SECRETS by K. L Docter.

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