The Collector of Dying Breaths

Another wonderful read from M. J. Rose. I really enjoy all the books from this series. This book does feature Jac from L'Etoile from Seduction and The Book of Lost Fragrances. If you have not read either of these books that is ok as the author does a nice job of making this book allowable to be read as a stand alone novel.

This series is my favorite time travel period series. M. J. can really make both the past and present as equally interesting. However this time it was the past that I was the most intrigued by.  Just wished that more of the focus was spent on the past and Rene. He was a big part of the present and his story was muted.

I felt that Jac with her remorse for her brother was not as strong as she has been in the past. Plus, I understand her grief for her brother but after a while I grew tried of ehr and wanted her to snap out of her dark cloud. Ok so maybe I am stretching it a bit here as it did not go on that long but you get the picture. The easy flow from past to present was great. Don't let the size of these books deceive you as they are quick reads. As I read more about these books and the fragrances, I want to go and check out how to make one of my own. I have to say that this book is probably one of my top favorites in this series.

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Mystica said…
I've only read the Lost Fragrances book. All the others are on my TBR. Sounds a wonderful series.

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