Cavendon Hall is a must read!

Cavendon Hall is a must read! Right from the beginning, I fell in love with the characters in this book. Well most of them. I did not care so much for Felicity and Diedre. Of course, it did not help that in Diedre's case, she hardly appeared in the book and when she did, she came off as not very likable. There was not much to say about Felicity. I loved, loved the Swanns. They are what really made this book so special for me. They are the type of friends that I would want watching my back. The ending was good but I had a slight complaint. I did not like that DeLacy turned out to be so mean. She and  Cecily were such good friends. Of course as time passes and both ladies grew up to be young ladies, things do change. I hope that eventually they can mend their ways with each other in the next book to come. Which I have a feeling it will focus more on Cecily and DeLacy. I liked the way that the book progressed throughout the different time periods. I can not wait to read the next book and catch up with the Swanns and Inghams.


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