Silence for the Dead is my first introduction to this author. OMG! While I thought this book sounded good and this is why I wanted to read it, when it arrived and I went to re-read the back cover, I had my doubts. I thought for sure that I would probably end up not really caring for the book. This book taught me to not judge a book by the back cover. I started this book last night and was already more than half way done with it. I actually had to force myself to put it down only because I had to get up early for work the next day. Of course when I got home and was ready to settle down I grabbed this book again and flew through the last part of this book.

I loved, loved Kitty and Jack. Well to be honest I loved all the characters. They were quite the rainbow of characters. Each one brought something different to the story. The setting of the old Portis House really set the mood. It was creepy. The mystery was great as well. I liked how it was a slow reveal. The last half of the book is when the mystery and the story really picked up speed and came together. It ended on a high note. Silence for the Dead is a must read and must have! Don't miss this book. One of the best of 2014.


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