Ava and Elaine's father dies. Prior to his death, their father tells Ava to tell her brother that he is sorry. Ava does not think much about it until her half sister, Gigi brings this up. Ava did not know she had a brother. Elaine is bitter towards her father's new wife and her half sister. However all three sisters pull together to honor their father's last wishes.

So Ava and Elaine's family relationship is kind of dysfunctional but than again what family is not without their problems. I had a love/hate relationship with both Elaine and Ava. On one hand I loved her wild ways but on the other hand I did not care for all of her complaining. Even if I could understand where her feelings were coming from. I did not see any reason for Elaine to be as hateful as she was towards Gigi. However I do have to pick on Ava some too. I wanted her to have a little more of Elaine's backbone and not be such a wallflower. So you can see why I said I have a love/hate relationship with the sisters. What this truly means is that I was invested in the characters in this book as more then just characters but as people. Ava and Elaine's story drew me in. This book got better with the story of the sister's brother. Ok, I am hooked and will be on the look out for the next book by this author. Beach Plum Island is a feel, good, type of book that you should not miss!


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