Summer on the Short Bus is a fun, campy, barrel of laughs.

I am so glad that Cricket did not turn out to be a royal pain in the butt.  Otherwise she would have brought this book down some and I would have wanted her to go on a one way trip to nowhere on the short bus.  Claire and Madeline were another story. They did bring the fun. I loved Claire and her chirping in response to Cricket’s name.  Then there is Quinn aka Zac Efron look alike. Yes, I did watch all of the High School Musical movies and thought Zac was cute. The more grownup movies that Zac has starred in does show he can be a leading man. So I could see why Cricket fell for Quinn. However I did think Quinn was a bit of a hypocrite. He thought Cricket was spoiled but when she changed and apologized, he would turn his back on her. So who was the mean one here? The author starts she writes sarcastic novels and she succeeds here.  This was part of the reason that I enjoyed reading this book besides the characters. I look forward to reading more books from this author. Summer on the Short Bus is a fun, campy, barrel of laughs.


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