William Shakespeare's Star Wars

So you have heard of remixes in the music world but how many of you are familiar with mash ups in the books world? Yes, there is such a thing as mash ups. In the case of this book author Ian Doescher took a famous writer maybe you heard of his name…William Shakespeare. Then Mr. Doescher took another beloved movie series, Star Wars and he mashed the two together and you get William Shakespeare’s Star Wars...a romping good time!

While I am sure both Mr. Shakespeare and Mr. Lucas never imagined themselves sharing a book together (more Shakespeare then Lucas I believe) it still makes for good reading. I like Mr. Doescher’s attempt at poetry even if was not the greatest. I can just picture Mr. Shakespeare rolling over in his grave. Oh, the great tragedy.

This book is not meant to be taken seriously or at least I did not take it that way. I knew before reading it that I was going to be in for some good humor. I would like to see this book made into a Broadway play now that would be rockin. Well maybe not but I will give you a brief scene between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan fighting before Vader kills Obi-Wan and then you decide if this book would make a good or at least interesting Broadway play.


And yet thou canst not win, I’ll warrant, Darth.

For if thou strike me down, e’en now, e’en here,

I shall more great and powereful become

Than e’er thou hast imagin’d possible.


I tell thee plain: thou shouldst nor have return’d


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