A summer blockbuster in The Entity Within!

Zoe and her grandmother have moved to Vamptown. It is not like Zoe had any choice. They had no where else to go. Besides that Zoe did not even know that they were moving to Vamptown. It is just that witches and vampires do not really mix. They are like oil and water.

Damon is the head of security in Vamptown. His number one priority is to make sure there is no trouble. Zoe and her grandmother have barely moved in and already they are getting on Damon’s nerves, especially Zoe. He has not felt something for someone in a long time. However he is not about to make the same mistake twice in trusting a witch. The last one he killed.

The Entity Within is the second book in the Entity series. You don’t have to read the first book, Sleeping with the Entity. These books can be read as stand alone novels. However I have to tell you that I have book one and after reading this book, I am going back and reading it. While there were characters from the first book that appeared in this one, they did not take anything away from me enjoying reading this novel. In fact, this is part of the reason I want to read book one. Also for your information I started with book two because it sounded more appealing.

The sarcastic banter between Zoe and Damon was great. I could not get enough of it. I almost could have done without the romance involving Zoe and Damon. Not that it was hot between them. So what do you get when you have mix a witch with a vampire and than throw in the mix Zoe’s familiar, Bella, a black cat who has a sassy tongue on her and Zoe’s grandmother and you get a summer blockbuster in The Entity Within!


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