All I have to say about this book is …Nerds rule!

Samuel Cooke is starting a new job as a teacher. One of the first people that Sam meets is the gym teacher, Greta Cassamajor. Just like part of her last name “major”, Greta is like a drill sergeant. Most of the teachers avoid Greta. Even Sam almost got his butt crewed up and handed back to him by Greta. Yet despite Greta’s frosty personality, Sam likes Greta. Things change when Sam takes a chance and asks Greta out on a date.

To be honest I would not have given this book a second look if I did not have a chance to review it. Even though it meets one of my criteria’s of “new author”. I am glad that I did take a chance and read this book. All I have to say about this book is …Nerds rule!

I thought that Greta reminded me of Sue Sylvester from Glee. She had that tough, sharp wit about her but on the inside she was hiding a caring, nice person. What drew me to Sam was his I can do anything attitude. Just because he had a disability did not make him any less of a person. The romance between Greta and Sam was awkward but sweet at the same time. I was cheering for them both. Now that I got my first time date jitters out of the way with new author, Ramsey Hootman and Courting Greta, I can not wait to see what she comes out with next.


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