Chase and his friend, Typewriter are just chilling shooting up and smoking drugs. Just another day for them. That is until Chase sees a little girl outside tearing a dog apart with her teeth. At first Chase thinks he is hallucinating from a major high but than he realizes that what he is seeing is real. The girl has spotted Chase and is walking towards him with blood and dog hair hanging off her. Chase grabs Typewriter and they run upstairs. Typewriter ends up bashing the girls head in with an actual typewriter. This is when Chase and Typewriter realize that a zombie apocalypse has started. Chase must save his girl KK.

When I first started seeing this book being promoted I really wanted to read this book. One because it was a zombie book. Two because it was promoted as being humorous. So my conclusion is after reading this book…that there are zombies, there are some funny toilet bowl humor lines, and drugs can help you survive a zombie attack.

First off I had no problems with the humor. In actuality it did put a smile on my face. The other aspects of this book that I did like were the zombies. They are flesh-eating maniacs. Also, the fact that the zombies giggle is really creepy. I mean it is bad enough to fend off a zombie who sees you as it’s next snack but to do so while giggling will give you chills up your spine.

Ok so the issues I had with this book were the characters and the story line some. I don’t know if me as the reader was meant to like Chase, his friend, and his love interest but I did not like or even care for them. I understand the effects of drug use and that it can really mess with your brain and though process and thus this is why it seemed like Chase was so whinny all the time but still it is a zombie attack, which means…no rules. Typewriter seemed to be tougher than Chase. Than there was the romantic relationship between Chase and KK. I must have missed something as I did not feel any connection between them. KK in fact was hung up on another guy and Chase’s feeling for her seemed more stalker like. Lastly, I wanted more fighting scenes with the zombies. More blood and gore is always better.


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