The Favor

Janelle and her son, Bennett have returned to care for Janelle’s Nan. She is expected to live only a few months. This puts Janelle within a stone’s throw from Gabriel “Gabe” Tierney. She has not seen Gabe since the day in the woods when a favor was made and she left town and did not look back.

Gabe can remember that day and he is not about to easily forgive Janelle. However the longer she stays the harder it is to stay mad.

I have read many books by Megan Hart. All of them good but they were all erotic novels. So I have to say I had my reservations about reading this book. I did not know what to expect and if the author can write a good book that his not erotica. Well after reading this book I can rightfully say that Megan can write just as good book other than erotica.

As the story unfolded I got a good clue as to what tragic accident happened that day in the woods involving the Tierney brothers and Janelle. A sad accident that luckily does have a happy ending. I like that the romance connecting Janelle and Gabe was mild. This surprised me but at the same time was a good surprise. I was expecting the sparks to really fly. Even though Gabe could be a jerk at times, I still liked him. Overall a fine book. This book deserves a spot on your bookshelves


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