Big Girl Panties is a fun summer read

Holly is flying back home. Her seat mate is a Greek god. This makes Holly feel really self aware about her body image. Holly is not over weight but again she is not a super model. Holly learns that the god has a name and his name is Logan. He is a personal trainer to the stars. He offers his services to Holly.

Holly regrets Logan’s offer to train her in the beginning. However is starts to have second thoughts when she finds herself in compromising positions with Logan.

I have not read many books by this author. What drew me to this book is that I have been working out a lot and so I wanted to read about Holly’s experience and it sounded like a fun time.

After reading about Logan and how much “fun” Holly had with him, I might have to reconsider the whole idea of getting a personal trainer. Holly felt real to me. Her breakdown moment of weakness that I can relate to. Although, I have never gone to the extreme that Holly did. I like that Holly is a real person with a genuine heart. She did not have a fake persona, which if she had and Logan also turned out to be too macho then I would have been quickly turned off but them and this book. Holly and Logan made a good couple. Holly definitely had her big girl panties on in this book. Big Girl Panties is a fun summer read!


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