Countdown City

Hank Palace is unemployed. It is no wonder as the world is about to end in seventy seven days. The only crimes people are committing are the ones where they are stocking up on food. There is someone though that wants Hank’s help. A friend of Hank’s has asked Hank to help find her husband. He went missing.

Countdown City is the second book in this trilogy. To be honest, I was excited to read this trilogy. I thought it was something different and liked the concept of a pre disaster as I have read many post disaster stories. The first book was alright but there was something there that made me want to check out book two. If I had to say what makes this book it is Hank. He is like the only good guy left on the planet. Plus I like that even though the world is going to end in seventy seven days that he still cares about his job and helping people. Yet, despite this I still have not found myself glowing with excitement over these books. I did like book two a little better than book one.

The rest of the characters are unmemorable. In fact I can not tell you their names or what they do. Thus this was hard as it made the mystery aspect of the story pretty dull and thus the story made for some slow reading. Not a lot of action taking place in this book. Other than the world deteriorating more and more as people prepare for the end.


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