Plain Fear:Forgiven

If you have read the Bible than you are familiar with the story of Samuel. However I bet you did not know the other version of the story. The one that goes where Samuel killed his brother, Jacob because he was not himself. He was something else. Someone people call these creatures blood suckers, undead, or vampires.

Samuel is trying to come to grips with his actions. However he better watch himself as he has a stalker. One that wants to turn him into one of them.

I have read several books by this author. Yet Plain Fear: Forgiven is the first of the Plain Fear books I have read. The idea of vampires and a biblical story I admit are not something I would ever think I would mix or that I would say in the same sentence.

Well after reading this book I have to say the two worked out alright. Because of the type of book it was the vampires were not portrayed too evil or too blood thirty. In fact the few scenes that there were of killings was quick and painless with no gore. The whole book was quick read. This is usually a very good thing but it seemed like it was really fast because details were glossed over. The good versus evil piece was there in the story but I don’t think either side prevailed over the other. This was an alright book. Not a favorite of them from this author.


Anonymous said…
I have Plain Fear: Forsaken in my eReader and oddly enough, did not have a clue of the premise of this series. Interesting, no doubt, but I am having a hard time mixing Vamps and the Bible.
Thank you for your review.
-Dilettantish Reader

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