The Moon Rock

Book Summary
When Elliot takes his grandfather's moon rock, he’s not really stealing it, just borrowing it for further study. But the rock launches him into an adventure beyond his wildest imagination — in fact, it launches him clear to the moon! That night, Elliot awakes in Great Nidor, a city built in the deepest crater on the far side of the moon — a place where wickedness corrupts hearts and bodies, time can be twisted for good or evil, and wonder floats down every street. A civil war is raging between the Librarian and the Defiers. The Librarian rules over the Wings of the Past, Present, and Future. There’s a problem, though: he’s unable to open the Wing of the Future, where the most dangerous knowledge is stored, knowledge that will help him defeat the Defiers. Only Elliot can get the magical key that unlocks the Wing. But can he find it? And will the Wing of the Future help Elliot save his mother and his home from a terrible fire?

Review by Aspen (age 10)

This book is about a boy, Elliot, whose house burned down the night he snuck out to look at the stars. While Elliot's mom is in the hospital, he will stay with his Grandpa that he didn't even know existed!! Grandpa has a moon rock. When Elliot messed with it he enters a new world!!

To be honest there were some parts of the book that I didn't understand. But overall this was a fun and exciting adventure book. I really enjoyed the pictures! They helped tell the story and were super cool.


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