The People of Forever Are Not Afraid

Yael, Lea, and Avishag are friends. As the years passed Lea became the outcast. Yael and Avishag survived the death of Avishag’s brother. Although nothing will compare for these three woman than spending time serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.

This book will have you thankful that you are alive and are not a female living in Israel. I did have the idea that I was going to join the Air Force and become a pilot and stay for ten years and then retire. I would have been in my mid thirties and then gotten married. Well my plans did change. I did not go into the military however I did visit the Air Force Academy and stayed there for two weeks to get the experience and visited NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) back before 9/11. Not to say that my little experience makes me an expert and I am very grateful to all the service men and women who do serve.

I am still fascinated by military and thus have read many military themed books. This is why I was interested to read this book. I thought that Ms. Boianjiu gives a good voice to the three women in this book even if that was not her true intent based on an interview question in the back of this book. It was funny however as I thought that I would like Lea the less but I ended up liking her the most. The second person that I liked was Avishag and thirdly, Yael. Yael the least because after a while I got turned off by her constant flirting.

Ms. Boianjiu did nice job giving me a visual of what the three women experienced while fighting. At times although with this detail comes a slow pace in the reading which is what did happen to me. A good, strong showing for first time author Shani Boianjiu


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