Wanting Sex Again

This book is not something that I would typically pick up to read as one of my first choices but I thought I would give it a look. I am intrigued on learning on how to help improve myself and my relationship all the time. Not to say that I have a bad relationship with my husband but there is always room for improvement. Besides, I think of these types of books as not only self help books but as my own private sessions with psychologist without the huge doctor bill and appointment waiting time.

I found this book well written. It was insightful and had helpful tips. It was written in a way that the “regular” person could understand without feeling stupid trying to figure out the meanings. What I liked about this book as the examples or the couples featured in this book and the different situations were very relatable. At the end of the chapters is a “Help Yourself” section. It lists a few questions for discussion or just to thin about for yourself. Another thing nice about this book is that it is geared towards both men and women. It helps to give view points from both sides as we all know you can’t know the true story unless you know both sides of it. Also, after reading this book you will realize that you are more normal then you thought. This book is worth the money. I would pick up a copy and keep it by your bedside. After reading this book, if it does not help you in the bedroom, then you might have other problems.


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