Jackson Meyer may seem like your ordinary nineteen year old going to school, hanging out with his friends, and his girlfriend, Holly but Jackson is not ordinary. Jackson has a special ability. He can jump back in time. This is a good thing because one night Jackson and Holly while hanging out in her dorm room are interrupted by several men. The men want Jackson. There is a struggle and Holly is shot. Jackson in a rush of panic jumps back in time two years. Jackson has a second chance to save Holly but he better watch his back he is being hunted.

Tempest is the first book from new author, Julie Cross. It is also the first book in the Tempest series. When I read the concept for this book, I got excited. Instantly, I thought of the movie, Jumper. I knew I needed to check this book out right away. Well sadly, the book was just alright.

The romance between Jackson and Holly was so, so. It felt like Jackson had to really work at making Holly like him in the beginning. Then with all of the jumping around that Jackson did, it was hard for me to connect with him and Holly version 007. I liked Holly version 009 better. This was the present Holly who Jackson already had a relationship with and was trying to save.

The beginning of the book was good but then it slowed down for me when Jackson jumped back to the past. I had to do some jumping of my own and flash ahead a bit. The ending did tie nicely as a lead up to the next book, Vortex.


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