E-books and Print Books Can Coexist

Article courtesy of Teaching Degree

If you can remember the day you first learned to read, you probably recall that profound sense of accomplishment that came from sounding out the words in your favorite storybooks. But whether you’re 15 or 50, you know that books as we know them have changed a lot since you first cracked open your beloved pieces of childhood literature. Ever since the first spurt of popularity in the now widespread e-readers, experts and speculators from all sides have been pondering the question, "will e-readers destroy books as we know them?" Despite the entertaining back and forth on this question, the state of the topic right now seems to suggest that, to the surprise of some, books and e-readers won’t edge one another out of the literary arena: They’ll merely coexist. There’s plenty to love about the weight and feel of a physical book in your hands, just as there is something delightful about the convenience and portability of an e-reader. But for bookworms everywhere, it’s not simply a matter of which will destroy the other, but rather which medium is better for certain types of reading. The following infographic takes a look at e-readers and books, as well as why they can both remain useful for many years to come.

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