Rage Against the Dying Light

Review by Nancy There are many songs and tales of Boudicca – the warrior queen who led thousands against the Roman troups set on claiming her homeland. Many depict her as a tattooed Pict, running naked, blood flying carrying a sword. She conquered Londimium (London) and sent the Romans living there into the sea. There was no mercy. This book shows us another Boudicca. A young princess waiting to dance the Maiden’s Dance, a girl possibly loving another but submitting to her father’s choice to strenghten her tribe. A mother bravely protecting her daughters until the day she couldn’t. For a first novel the research done is astounding. Ms. Surasky has done a creditable job of showing us life in 1st Century Briton, the tribal divisions, the food, the cultures and also those in Rome. Why Claudius felt it necessary to travel to Briton is unknown but, as we all know, he wasn’t the calmest person in history. A great gift for your favorite historian or romance lover this is just a splendid story.


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