For the Love of a Goblin Warrior

Review by Nancy

You see some very strange things when you work in an Emergency Room, but Nadine was NOT planning on a hunk with grey all over him who spoke Latin for Heaven’s sake! There was a good reason for the grey as it turns out, is because the hunk just arrived back in the ”Fixed Realm” from the Shadowlands where he had been for the last several Milleniums. When he was last on Earth, the Romans were running around with swords. And his whole family was butchered.

Meryn was afraid. He, the General of the Goblin King’s armies was terrified. No one could speak to him and he really couldn’t understand them either. His cousin, Dai had brought him over to live in the Now, but he didn’t trust Dai as he had been a slave so Meryn took off. He also took off from the hospital.

Nadine and Meryn meet again and try to communicate. Meryn is a quick learner of languages but is having a hard time transitioning to cars, phones, beds with sheets and all the stuff we take for granted. For Nadine’s part her father just got out of jail after serving 20 years for the murder of her mother. But did he? Nadine’s mom was fascinated with Goblins and always stayed up to watch the Wild Ride on the solstice. She had Nadine scared to death of them, although Nadine’s favorite story was The Goblin King.

What happens when Nadine’s learns what Meryn was? Did her father really kill her mother or was it something much worse? You will have to read this interesting book and find out!


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