The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Volume 2 is a fun collection of short stories.

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Volume 2 is a fun collection of short stories. Some of the stories are quirky, which I liked. The illustrations that went with the stories were great. I almost could tell what some of the story were about by just by looking at the pictures. I did not need the words to go with them.

In addition, I like the idea of how this collection of stories came about. I checked out Joseph’s website, HitRecord and it is a very cool site. Everyone should check the site out. There are stories in this book for everyone.

Some of my favorites are:

One day she looked

Up and discovered an

Opening in her planet,

She wondered if she

Wasn’t alone after all.


I just need some time away

To remember why I stay.
After you died I realized that

I never really liked hunting.

I just liked hanging out with you.

After reading this collection of stories, I am inspired enough that I just might have to upload a story of my own on the HitRecord website. I would suggest giving this book a look. It is worth every penny of the purchase price. I love when people can come together and share what inpires them.
This book show cases some of that and more.


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