Vanity Fare is a good beach or book club read with the ladies.

Molly Hagan must get her feet wet and enter the working class world again. Her husband has left her and their son, Aidan for a younger woman. This means that Molly must find a way to support her and Aidan and pay for insurance. Molly’s friend, John offers Molly a job opportunity being a copy writing for a new bakery. The chef is Simon, who is one of the most in demand and hottest chefs around. Besides working with Simon, Molly will be working with Nick. This would not be a problem if Nick was not such a bore. I enjoyed this book a lot more then I thought I would. Molly and her son, Aidan were good. I am glad that Molly ended up with the right guy. I was rooting for Nick way before Molly realized that he was the one for her. I knew exactly why he was acting aloof when it came to Molly and Simon. There were some funny moments. Like the ones between Molly and her psychologist. It was the lists that Molly would write up to give to Dr. Lowell during their sessions together. Lists like: Thing Every Newly Single Woman Must Do. As much as I did enjoy reading this book, I did feel like it could have been shortened about a hundred pages and still have been good. All of the write ups on the pastries had my mouth watering. I could picture each one and imaging how they would taste. Now I get to actually taste some for real. There are about four recipes inserted in the back of the book for me to make and try. Of course, I would love to have all the recipes as they all sounded wonderful. In addition, I could not believe all the different book references. I admit that I was not familiar with some of them so I will have to check up more on the books called out by the author. Vanity Fare is a good beach or book club read with the ladies.


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