Miranda has been exiled to get a job. As if things could not be bad enough, the only jobs left at the mall was working in the food court. Miranda has a uniform that includes a hat with a spinning hot dog. Luckily, Miranda’s co-worker, Ariel is cool. However Miranda blames her ex-boyfriend, Brian and his new girlfriend, Rachel for her predicament.

Fortunately for Miranda she only has a few hours until her shift is over. As Miranda’s bad luck would have it a storm blows in and traps her and her enemies in the mall. Now it is a battle of epic proportions between Miranda on one side and Rachel on the other side. Oh and did I forget to mention that Miranda will have to battle while being handcuffed to Caleb, a possible love interest of Miranda’s.

To be honest, I was not familiar with the story of The Tempest. I had to read up on the story. Having once done that, I thought this book was a nice modern day twist on William’s story. I think that the teen audience will enjoy this book. This book just did not hit the right sweet spot for me. I found the characters a bit childish. This turned me off. Also, the story moved slowly for me. This could have accounted for the fact that I was not feeling the characters. Kim Askew and Amy Helmes make a good team. I could not tell where one stopped and the other one picked up writing the story.


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