After the Rain is a good read with nice characters.

Suzanne Paris is running away. Someone terrible is trying to find her. Suzanne is heading to Atlanta, when the bus stops at Walton, Georgia. Suzanne feels a strong pull towards this small town. Well it also does not hurt that the necklace that Suzanne’s mother gave her has the name R. Michael Jewelers, Walton inscribed on the back. Suzanne does not make the best first impression, especially on the mayor, Joe.

After the Rain is the follow up to Falling Home. You do not have to read that book prior to reading this one. In fact, it has been a while since I read Falling Home that I did not realize in the beginning that this book was the follow up to Falling Home. One thing that I enjoy about Karen White’s books are her characters. Good or bad the characters do draw me into their world. When I say bad what I really mean is that the character may be a bad person but I still feel something towards them. Luckily for this book, there was not really any “bad” persons, other then the person that Suzanne was running from. This means that I am invested in that character. So for this fact, this book is a fast read.

In the beginning I was not so fond of Suzanne or Joe. I understood about Suzanne having a guard around herself but she came off standoffish. Joe was rude to Suzanne, which I did not think he needed to be. However, after getting to know them more as the story progressed, I could feel the chemistry between Suzanne and Joe. The people of Walton are friendly and entertaining. Or course, some of my favorites were Joe’s Aunt Lucinda and his younger children like Amanda. The younger kids always get me in the books. They have such innocence. After the Rain is a good read with nice characters.


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